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Special discount for KPN LAND members!!
Enjoy 300 Baht discount for big cleaning service and up to 100 Baht discount for general condo cleaning service.
Only service request on the application; click here >>>  (Use promocode: "KPNHERO")
1.Special for Cleaning Service
General Condo Cleaning
3 hours 549 Baht (from 649 Baht)
4 hours 699 Baht (from 799 Baht)
5 hours 899 Baht (from 999 Baht)
6 hours 1,099 Baht (from 1,199 Baht)
2.General Condo Cleaning Package (4 times)
3 hours 2,149Baht (from 2,299)
4 hours 2,599Baht (from 2,799)
5 hours 3,399Baht (from 3,599)
6 hours 3,999Baht (from 4,299)
3.Big Cleaning
Condo < 40 sq.m. - 2,200 Baht (from 2,500 Baht)
Condo 40-50 sq.m. - 2,700 Baht (from 3,000 Baht)
Condo 51-65 sq.m. - 3,200 Baht (from 3,500 Baht)
Please study terms & conditions of each service before making the reservation.
** Big cleaning service includes transportation, 2-5 cleaners, and all cleaning tools and equipment. It excludes any area that is out of reach by tools and/or is dangerous to perform the service. (Recommended for annual cleaning, moving in or out, or before/after renovation.)
Contact information:
Line ID: @servishero (with @)
Or call 061-553-4665 (working hours only)
Website at
Terms & Conditions
1) Unlimited privilege / customer
 2) Enter promocode 'KPNHERO'
 3) Reserved for KPN LAND members only
 4) Please book the service 3-5 days in advance
5) Service Area : Bangkok and vicinity
 6) Payment method :
- For general cleaning : credit card, online banking, bank transfer, QR code, or cash on site
- For big cleaning : credit card or bank transfer only
7) ServisHero has the right to change any conditions without any notice.
8) Any dispute arising from this promotion, Company’s decision related to its program shall be final.
**The Promotion is valid from 1st February 2018 to 31st May 2018**